Our Internet Security Features

At Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore, we know that the confidentiality of your personal and client information is very important to you and we are committed to provide you with a safe and secure online environment for you.

Your information are protected by industrial strength security technology that is used by financial institutes. We have also implemented a series of other security solutions like routers, firewalls and intrusion detection systems to safeguard your interests. The security features which we have put in place include:

Industry's strongest 256-bit TLS encryption
Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore is a GlobalSign Secure Site. This is an assurance that the site runs legitimately under the care of Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore. All information is sent in a Transport Layer Security (TLS) session and is encrypted to protect you against unintentional information disclosure to third parties.

The 256-bit TLS encryption we use is currently the industry's strongest. Any data you send through Intranet will be scrambled into an unrecognised form before it is transmitted to our server where only Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore has the special key to decode it. The information we send to you is similarly protected.

Login Credentials
We have put in place a multi factor authentication (MFA) login process whereby user needs to enter his unique User ID matched with his password and additional authentication in order to gain access to his information.

Automatic Logout Feature
When Intranet detects that your login session has not recorded any activity for some time, your active session will be automatically terminated. You will need to login again using your User ID and password if you wish to access the service.

Constant and Vigilant Monitoring
We have put in place 24/7 security surveillance systems to constantly monitor and detect any potential form of illegitimate activities on our network and systems.